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Musical Awakening

Musical awakening fosters the development of many aspects of childhood development. Singing and dancing are activities frequently used by early childhood educators to introduce children to music. These magical moments reflect pure pleasure, sometimes sprinkled with a little silliness. Children are surrounded with all kinds of sounds.

 The connection between childhood development and musical awakening:

  • Children develop their sensory perception as they become aware of their environment and everything that surrounds them.

  • Musical activities foster children's cognitive development by helping them develop, for example, their attention, their ability to concentrate, their language skills, their memory, and logic.

  • Children can develop motor skills: coordination, movement dissociation, body schema recognition, and laterality.

  • Sound awareness and musical awakening help children develop their aesthetic sensitivity and their ability to express themselves.

  • Communication skills and self-confidence are improved.

  • General cultural development is made possible by raising children's awareness of local and foreign cultures.

Musical Awakening: £10.00 per session (paid per term)